Experience high quality urological care in Virginia


Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? Our highly trained physicians and team ensure that our patients get personalized, state-of-the-art care in Fishersville, Harrisonburg and Lexington, VA. Our commitment to expertise in the latest proven technologies and procedures in urology allows us to provide the highest quality of care. Blue Ridge Urological provides exceptional general urology care to men and women as well as specialty care in urologic oncology, from traditional open procedures to minimally invasive techniques such as robotic surgery. Our highly trained physicians ensure that our patients get the best of both worlds: state-of-the-art technologies and procedures as well as the personalized care of a private urology practice.

Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? We have three offices: Fishersville, Lexington and Harrisonburg. Our services are convenient regardless of where you are located in the Blue Ridge Valley. Our teams pride themselves on the caliber and excellence of all staff members and doctors to ensure that you receive the highest level of care at each of our office locations.

Minimally Invasive Procedures 

Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? We offer minimally invasive procedures including Including laparoscopic and robotic surgery. These types of procedures are less traumatic to the patient. By performing procedures laparoscopically (through small keyhole incisions) or robotically (with the aid of a robot), we can achieve great outcomes for patients. Minimally invasive procedures greatly reduced postoperative pain, shorter hospitalization, faster recovery and better cosmetic results. Robotic-assisted surgery is minimally invasive, and its precision is ideal for delicate and complex urologic surgeries.

Rezūm® Center of Excellence

Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? We received recognition as a Rezūm® Center of Excellence for their expertise in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or enlarged prostate, with this uniquely effective treatment option. The Rezūm System provides improved quality of life for men suffering from lower urinary tract symptoms caused by BPH. The Rezūm System is a revolutionary, safe and effective minimally invasive treatment option for men suffering from BPH that does not require general anesthesia and provides an alternative to a lifetime of taking BPH medications.

Experienced Doctors 

Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? We are a team of specialists in urological treatment delivering highly professional, innovative and compassionate service to all of our patients. Our physicians have been expertly trained in all aspects of male and female urology, combining years of experience for the very best in healthcare. Any urological condition or problem can be treated in our state-of-the-art practice and by our highly experienced practitioners. Regardless of which physician or staff member you interact with here at Blue Ridge Urological, you can always count on receiving the very highest quality of healthcare.

Patient-centered Care

Why choose Blue Ridge Urological? We are committed to providing quality and compassionate care. Each patient is treated as an individual with specific health needs, values, preferences, and goals that must be considered in all clinical decision-making and outcome assessments. A partnership between caregiver and patient addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, and social determinants of a patient’s health to achieve better outcomes. These are the driving force behind all health care decisions and quality measurements. Patients are partners with our providers, working together toward the desired health outcome.